As we are starting to emerge out of lockdown, we all need to change the way we go about our daily lives. Part of that is to wear face masks when on public transport and when we can’t maintain social distancing. I decided that if face masks are the new normal, I wanted mine to be made from beautiful fabric, look gorgeous and be comfortable to wear, so I set about making a mask that fulfilled this brief. When I started wearing mine to the supermarket on my weekly foray for food, I began to receive lots of compliments on my mask, so I thought maybe other people would enjoy having masks that were not just practical but also gorgeous.

My masks are made from two layers of 100% cotton fabric with pleats across the front and back, enabling them to go over your nose and mouth and give a better fit. I have also put a filter pocket in the back to allow you to add additional filters if you would like. To further enhance the fit they come with a removable pipe cleaner across the top meaning you can shape and fit them around the bridge of your nose. Not only does this improve the fit, it also reduces fogging of glasses or sunglasses. The masks are secured with elastic on either side that goes behind your ears. I put beads on the elastic so you can easily adjust them for a comfortable fit. I make them in 3 sizes, so everyone should be able to get a great fitting mask.

The measurements are

  • Small (ideal for children) approximate measurements: H: 11cm when flat, 13cm when spread, W: 19cm
  • Medium approximate measurements: H: 12cm when flat, 15cm when spread, W: 21cm
  • Large approximate measurements: H: 14cm when flat, 16cm when spread, W: 24cm.

They are machine washable and reusable, so not only are they economical, but they are also not adding to landfill, which has to be better then disposable mask.